• Vice Chairman of the Board

    Haithem AlFaraj

  • Board Member

    Emad AlOudah

  • Board Member

    Mohammed AlAbbadi

  • Board Member

    Mathad AlAjmi

  • Board Member

    Omar AlShabibi

  • Board Member

    Fahad AlAmoud

  • Board Member

    Abdulatif AlSeif

  • Board Member

    Mohammad AlAseeri

  • CFO

    Abdulrahman Hamad Al Rubaia

    17+ yrs. of total experience in finance roles in solutions.

  • VP of Business Outsourcing

    Thamir Mohammad Alhammad

    19+ yrs. of experience in IT services solutions. Worked with Cisco and STC in various IT-related roles prior to joining solutions.

  • VP of Corporate Strategy and Performance

    Muataz Abdullah Aldharrab

    12+ yrs. in the IT services industry with multiple leadership roles in solutions, GM corporate governance, customer success, and GM presales. Before solutions, he worked with SBM and Cisco in IT-related roles.

  • VP of Business Excellence

    Saleh Tareg Al Groony

    10+ yrs. of experience in human resources. Prior to current role, he held the role of GM Human Capital Management in solutions.

  • VP of Business Solutions

    Jehad Salem Al Twairki

    20+ yrs. of experience in IT services sales. Prior to solutions, he worked with HP and IBM in various leadership roles.

  • VP of Solutions Delivery

    Saleh Abdullah Al Zahrani

    25+ yrs. of experience, of which the last 8 years have been in a GM position at stc Group. Prior to stc, he worked as a country manager at SBM and as an executive at Cisco.

  • VP of Operations & Managed Services

    Ahmed Naji Bajnaid

    17+ yrs. of experience, of which +15 years in stc in various roles in Technology and Operations. Prior to current role, he held the role of GM Operations in solutions.

  • Chief Audit Executive

    Almaa Saeed Al Mutair

    Head of internal audit of the company since 2020 until now, more than 26 years of experience in the field of accounts and auditing, holder of a master’s degree from Griffith University in Australia in 2007, began working since 2011 in several Saudi national companies in the management of investment reviews and operations.