An Unfolding Story of Value Creation

Solutions by STC is the #1 IT services provider in Saudi Arabia, and the Kingdom’s leading enabler of digital transformation. We have a 25-year track record of anticipating digital opportunities, upgrading digital infrastructure and improving customer connectivity, backed by strong financials including consistent revenue growth across all business lines and expanding profitability margins, and led by a team of seasoned leaders in the digital field.

Looking towards the future, we have implemented a bold growth strategy based on structural IT trends, KSA’s ambitious Vision2030 targets, and leveraging our existing position as a national technology champion. The market is huge, with growth opportunities in both the public and private sectors, including smart cities, the digitization of the healthcare system, cloud-first policies, and the individual transformations of private sector companies across the Kingdom and the broader MENA region. As the partner of choice for both government and private entities, we are well positioned to consolidate our leading position across new markets and into high-margin adjacent businesses.