Corporate Compliance

solutions is distinguished by its ongoing efforts to adhere to the applicable external regulatory requirements, which supports the company in achieving its goals and vision for leading the information technology sector in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 for digital enablement across all sectors while recognizing that adherence to the external regulatory requirements and internal corporate governance policies is a culture and responsibility of all employees.

In pursuing initiatives of excellence in the field of compliance, solutions has obtained the international certification ISO (37301) for its compliance management system to affirm its commitment to following the best international practices for a compliance management system.

This certification is one of the distinguished international compliance certificates that requires a systemic approach to identifying regulatory requirements for establishing an effective compliance management system. Moreover, this is an example of continuous improvement in our adaptable working environment that pushes us to the forefront of the technology sector in the Kingdom and the region.

Compliance Management System:

The Compliance Management System is an important element in the continued success of any company. At solutions, we are committed to continuously enhancing and improving our compliance system. This system will significantly contribute to enhancing the compliance culture in the company and making it a distinctive benchmark in managing the compliance management system and meeting regulatory requirements while adopting the best international practices. Moreover, it will strengthen the relationship with customers, employees’ partners, and investors.

Corporate Compliance Culture and Policy:

  1. solutions’ Board of Director is committed to overseeing the compliance management systems’ governance and transparency while promoting a robust compliance culture that enables the company’s employees to achieve strategic objectives. Moreover, the executive management plays a vital role in continuously supporting the compliance management system and its enhancement.
  2. Developing a control environment to ensure the company’s compliance with applicable external regulatory requirements and enhancing the company’s proactive ability in identifying non-compliance cases while taking the necessary preventive actions.

Compliance isn’t just a legal requirement – it’s a critical component of our company culture. It is our responsibility as a company and employees to act ethically and with integrity while continuing to prioritize compliance in all areas of our business and ensuring the continuity of digital leadership in the Kingdom.