“solutions by stc aims to deliver sustainable technological solutions designed to positively impact both people and the planet by enabling the power of innovation, strengthening integrity, and shaping a sustainable future.”

Omer Abdullah Alnomany
Chief Executive Officer

Our Approach to Sustainability

Greening by Sustainable Technologies and Processes

At the heart of our Sustainability Strategy lies our commitment to Greening by Sustainable Technologies and Processes. Aligned with Vision 2030 and the Saudi Green Initiative, our dedication mirrors the values of our parent company and resonates with our stakeholders.

Revitalizing Workforce Relations & Digital Social Empowerment

Driven by our passion for creating a meaningful societal impact, we prioritize our people and embed a profound respect for human rights into the very fabric of our corporate culture. Our commitment extends to crafting solutions that empower individuals and communities, safeguard the environment, and cultivate an ecosystem where technology serves as a catalyst for positive change.

Optimizing Governance for Ethical Excellence

We hold steadfast to the highest standards of corporate governance, seamlessly attuned to the regulatory frameworks of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With transparency, accountability, and robust governance oversight at our core, we resonate with the visionary objectives outlined in the Saudi Vision 2030.

Widening Impactful Partnerships and Sustainable Procurement

Embracing collaboration in digital transformation and sustainability, we extend our reach far beyond our immediate suppliers. We eagerly expand our network of partnerships, seeking to magnify our impact and bring life into our Sustainability Strategy.

Our guiding principles


Towards Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey to achieve Net Zero by 2050.


Operational efficiency and business performance.


The work environment and create new opportunities.


An inclusive culture of sustainable and ethical innovation throughout our company.


Rate of women's participation in tech companies within the private sector.


Our positive impact through purposeful collaboration and partnership with suppliers, key partners, clients, and community groups.


With customers and other stakeholders to listen, learn, engage, and understand how to continuously improve their experiences.