“Sustainability is at the forefront of Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey, making upholding world-class standards for environmental, social and governance mission-critical for the continued growth of the Kingdom – and our company. By 2030, we aim to become one of the leading companies in creating value and impact from our business and practices, generating solutions that enable our customers and our partners to realize their sustainability ambitions and leading the way towards a sustainable future for all.”

Omer Abdullah Alnomany
Chief Executive Officer

Our Approach to Sustainability

Protecting our planet through responsible technology

Environmental protection is at the heart of our commitment to sustainable innovation. That’s why we apply rigorous environmental performance standards to the design and development of our technology, services, and processes – with a focus on ensuring what we create and everything we do has a positive impact on our planet.

Empowering people and enabling ideas

In alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030 and the Kingdom’s Human Capability Development Program, we are strongly committed to empowering individuals, enabling ideas, cultivating an inclusive culture, and creating opportunities. We are also using our skills, services, and resources to help make technology inclusive and accessible across our region with the aim of helping to enhance the competitiveness of national human capabilities and readying the future labor market to compete with the world.

Leading responsibly

High governance standards and accountability for our actions and impacts are central to our core values. We are committed to implementing rigorous governance policies and practice, and to transparently reporting the progress we’re making on our sustainability journey at regular intervals. As part of our governance and accountability practice, we also maintain high compliance and standards for cybersecurity with regular training programs and rigorous controls in place to ensure we deliver the most secured services and data protection to our customers.

Prioritizing Customer Experience

Customer is at the center of everything we do, our core focus is on delivering exceptional customer experiences. Everything we do, from product quality to service excellence, is centered around our customers. Our commitment to customer-centricity drives us to continually enhance and tailor our offerings to ensure satisfaction and loyalty.

Empowering Communities Through meaningful Initiatives

We view sustainability as a powerful tool to empower and uplift the communities where we operate. Through various initiatives and partnerships, we actively engage with local communities to address their unique needs. From supporting education and healthcare to promoting economic growth, we are dedicated to making a positive impact. We believe that thriving communities create a strong foundation for sustainable business growth. When the community prospers, so do we.

Cultivating a Sustainable Company Culture

Our employees are our greatest asset, and we are committed to equipping them with the knowledge and tools to drive sustainable change. We celebrate innovation and creativity in finding sustainable solutions to everyday challenges. We encourage collaboration, transparency, and open communication to ensure that sustainability remains at the forefront of our decisions.

Our guiding principles and goals


Towards Saudi Arabia’s digital transformation journey to achieve Net Zero by 2050.


Operational efficiency and business performance.


The work environment and create new opportunities.


An inclusive culture of sustainable and ethical innovation throughout our company.


Rate of women's participation in tech companies within the private sector.


Our positive impact through purposeful collaboration and partnership with suppliers, key partners, clients, and community groups.


With customers and other stakeholders to listen, learn, engage, and understand how to continuously improve their experiences.