26 February 2023

· Solutions by stc won 5 global awards in recognition of its digital transformation projects in several sectors in the Kingdom.

· Awards are given to companies that contribute towards creating impact and reflect the ability to compete on a global scale.

Saudi Arabia is witnessing a continuous increase in digital projects in the public and private sectors, which requires creativity in delivering innovative solutions to address challenges. Digital transformation is one of the pillars of Saudi Vision 2030, through which the Kingdom seeks to enable and accelerate this transformation.

In conjunction with the accelerating pace of digital transformation and the development of innovative digital solutions in many sectors in the Kingdom, “solutions by stc” comes as an enabler and a driving force for digital transformation to lead qualitative projects in government and private entities in various sectors, including health care, banking, real estate, education, oil and gas, communications, media, and others.

solutions by stc implemented several technical projects which culminated in receiving 5 global awards after competing with major international companies. These awards are granted to companies that contribute to the creation of impact, andtranslate   solutions ability to compete on a global scale and reflect the competencies, capabilities and leadership of the company in the technical domain, in addition to strengthening the Kingdom’s position among the best countries in digital indicators worldwide.

Awarded for four different technology projects, the five awards were granted by (PMI, IPMA and Glotel). The Project Management Institute (PMI) recognized solutions for building one of the largest data centres in the region, which also reaped another award from the International Project Management Association (IPMA). The Association granted two other awards for two different projects, including the national electronic billing, the first of of its kind in the Kingdom, and building an integrated digital experience. While Glotel’s award was for building a fully digitized and smart medical city.

Implemented for different clients, these projects reflect the leadership of solutions in the digital arena, being the leading provider of information technology services in the Kingdom, and its role as a major enabler in accelerating digital transformation, as well as reflecting Saudi Arabia’s position as a hub of innovation in the region.