13 November 2023

▪ solutions by stc continuously strives to enhance its efforts to achieve best in class governance , invest in human capital, augment energy efficiencies and contribute to the community for a purposeful impact.
• The report highlights key achievements of solutions by stc in the sustainability field, underscoring its commitment to regional leadership.
• Through its sustainability strategy, solutions by stc seeks to generate sustainable value and impact for its customers, investors, employees, partners, and stakeholders.

solutions by stc, the leading enabler of digital transformation in Saudi Arabia, has released its first annual sustainability report for the year 2022.

The report outlines “solutions” efforts to maintain leadership, sustain growth and prosperity, and promote empowerment and development opportunities through initiatives and programs that fall under the six key pillars of its sustainability strategy.

These sustainability pillars seek to enhance environmental responsibility by adopting responsible technology to reduce environmental impact as well as to empower individuals, including company employees and the younger generation, by focusing on innovation, inclusivity, and creativity.

Another key pillar include a commitment to responsible leadership, striving to elevate and uphold leadership and management standards. These pillars also focus on customer experience to deliver exceptional and reliable service while promoting innovation. Moreover, they extend to community empowerment, aspiring to create a positive impact on society through initiatives that promote growth and improve lifestyles. The final pillar is dedicated to promoting and disseminating a culture of sustainability within the company, encouraging sustainable practices across the organizational landscape.

Eng. Omer Abdullah Alnomany, CEO of solutions by stc, said, “We recognize the value and importance of environmental, social, and governance issues, which contribute to our continued growth. Guided by their significance, we have launched our sustainability strategy as our roadmap to become a leading force in creating value and impact through our business practices by 2030. We also aspire to be a digital enabler of sustainability goals for our partners”.

The report provides an overview of “solutions” sustainability strategy, which aligns with Saudi Arabia’s vision and conforms to globally recognized frameworks and practices, shaped within the scope of the Sustainable Development Goals and the United Nations Global Compact.
“solutions” has assessed the level of measures taken across all its business sectors, identifying priority sustainability topics and incorporating them into its strategy. Through this sustainability strategy, “solutions” aims to achieve several key targets, including contributing to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s target of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, enhancing the work environment, providing new job opportunities, encouraging sustainable and innovative solutions, social investment for positive community impact, engaging internal and external stakeholders, as well as improving operational efficiency and business performance.

Moving forward, “solutions” dedicates its efforts to cultivating a culture of sustainability within the company as the driving force of its sustainability strategy. This will be achieved through the implementation of leadership development programs and employee guidance and the integration of sustainability practices within sectors to achieve several benefits, including brand differentiation, business expansion and growth, risk reduction, improved operational efficiency, impact and value creation, customer and employee satisfaction, innovation, and creativity.