16 May 2023

• The partnership provides cutting-edge network solutions to accelerate digital transformation for customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt.

• Customers benefit from the best-of-breed technology which eliminates operations and guarantees performance.


Saudi Arabia-based solutions by stc, the leading enabler of digital transformation in the Kingdom, and Nile, a leader in enterprise Network as a Service (NaaS), today announced their partnership to deliver secure campus NaaS to customers in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt.

The partnership will expand Nile’s footprint to customers across a variety of sectors in Saudi Arabia and the region including education, mega projects, transportation, retail, and enterprise. It will also enable solutions by stc to provide its customers with Nile’s emerging and innovative technologies supported by solutions’ deep understanding of the local and regional market needs for digital transformation, helping public and private organizations achieve their digital goals and business growth.

“As leaders in digital transformation, we recognize the power of partnership in achieving shared goals, creating value for customers and driving innovation in the market. Our collaboration with Nile is a testament to our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the MENA region,” commented Omer Alnomany,CEO of solutions by stc. “Together, we are driving innovation, enhancing value to customers and creating opportunities for growth and development in Saudi and the region.”

“We are excited to partner with solutions by stc, to introduce our campus NaaS offering for the first time in Saudi and the region,” said Pankaj Patel, CEO of Nile. “We believe solutions’ approach aligns with Nile’s intent to fundamentally change how connectivity is delivered and maintained, bringing greater value in terms of operational efficiency to organizations.”

solutions and Nile’s joint efforts will provide customers with an innovative NaaS solution for enterprise networks. Nile’s campus NaaS solution is characterized by its new subscription-based business model, automated lifecycle management, performance assurance and built-in security features that protect against threats that target vulnerable wired and wireless networks.

“Nile is a purpose-built offering that takes once complicated and convoluted network operations and transforms them into a simple, secure, and reliable solution that is needed in these regions,” said John Chambers, co-founder and board member at Nile. “In collaborating with solutions by stc, the onus is no longer on customers to make sure internal systems and supporting products are more secure – instead, they can enjoy the long-term benefits of a secure-by-default solution. Nile has essentially reimaged the wired and wireless services market offering secure, simple, high-performance networking at a lower cost.”

This partnership aligns with the Saudi Vision 2030 to accelerate digital transformation across various sectors and to strengthen the position of Saudi Arabia as a center for innovation serving the world.