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  • Saudi Ministry of Education

    Integrating 7,000 schools on one digital platform

    solutions works closely with the Saudi Ministry of Education to promote digital transformation in the education sector, ensuring pupils in the Kingdom continue to receive a world-class education and immersive classroom experience throughout the challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic. We provide over 7,000 schools with Managed Router Services.

  • Aramco

    New supercomputer opens up new horizons in energy explorations

    In January 2021, solutions helped Saudi Aramco launch Dammam 7, a new supercomputer among the top ten most powerful in the world. The supercomputer, which can run highly detailed 3D earth models to enable new discoveries, is the next step in Aramco’s digital transformation.

  • Ministry of Health

    Enabling virtual clinics and protecting patient data

    solutions provides advanced cloud-based services to medical centers and hospitals across Saudi Arabia, as part of our long-running partnership with the Saudi Ministry of Health (MoH). Our cybersecurity services keep patient data secure, while allowing it to be easily accessed by relevant providers across the hospital network, vastly improving operational efficiency. We supplement this with a wide range of Managed Network Services for hospitals and health centers, ensuring seamless connectivity and security.

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